How do I motivate my team, my kids, my spouse, my anyone?

It’s an age-old question with a myriad of different answers … too many to even summarize here.

So, in our information-overloaded world, let me boil it down to this. If you want to motivate, then appreciate.  We do more for those who appreciate us.

The two most powerful words for any leader, parent, teacher, or colleague are “Thank You!” We added the exclamation point to make sure we really mean it when we say it.

Don’t just say it to get something in return – that’s called trading versus thanking. Say it because you mean it, because you appreciate what someone has done, but more importantly, because you appreciate who they are.

With our annual day of Thanksgiving upon us, we challenge you to:

  1. Write a letter to thank someone for something you have not yet thanked them for.
  2. Read your letter to the recipient on Thanksgiving.

For us, we sincerely THANK YOU for your support and encouragement!

Say “Thank You!” to those you appreciate with this beautiful, inspiring book, The Nature of Excellence.