Healthy Growth

This field-tested, healthy growth process is aligned with the unique needs of today’s worker and the requirements for today’s leader. It predictably yields healthy growth for you, your employees, and your business.

Leadership is a force multiplier when it comes to the healthy growth.

The leader sets the vision and expectations for the five growth factors. The result is healthy growth that’s positive, strong, sustained, and serves all parties.

Healthy Leadership x 5 Growth Factors = Healthy Growth

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Healthy Leadership

Healthy growth starts with the leader, but it’s not about the leader.

Leadership matters today more than ever.

Leadership matters when your business is improving and when it is declining. Leadership matters in an up economy and in a down economy. Leadership matters when you are in the board room and when you are in the break room.

Leadership matters… and healthy leadership inspires.

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Compelling Purpose & Plan

To convince others, you must first believe in your organization’s purpose and plan. Winston Churchill said,
“Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears,
your own must flow.”

The ultimate objective of a planning process is not to just create a good plan. It is to create a plan that can be
executed with passion.

Purpose-driven companies have 30% higher levels of innovation and 40% higher levels of retention.

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Aligned Culture

A healthy culture supports employees’ strengths, encourages growth, supports connection, creates synergy, and
facilitates inclusion. It is the one competitive feature that your competitors can not emulate. It is uniquely yours.

Every organization has a culture by default. Few organizations have a culture by design.

Organizations with aligned cultures significantly outperform those with misaligned cultures by:
– 4x revenues
– 12x stock price.
– 15x return on investment.

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Engaged Hearts & Minds

Strategy is 90% execution, and 90% of execution is people.

So, if you can engage your team’s minds and hearts, you will get a BIG payoff – discretionary effort. Employees
willingly giving their precious resources – time and energy – to achieve goals.

In short, they will act like owners of the business. That’s the seed of healthy growth for everyone – you, your team
and your business.

Research has demonstrated that engaged hearts and minds drive results like these:

20% Sales
21% Profitability
17% Productivity

70% Safety incidents
41% Absenteeism
59% Turnover

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Positive Coaching

Like world class athletes, people at work reach their full potential when they are positively and frequently coached.

Gallup research has reinforced this need for today’s worker who wants a coach instead of a boss and ongoing coaching conversations instead of annual reviews.

A central role of a leader is that of a coach. Since most organizations don’t have the resources for everyone to
have a coach, it is up to the leader to coach his/her team.

This new, transformative coaching model is supported by the latest positive psychology research. For example, strength-focused coaching yields a 36% improvement versus weakness-focused coaching which yields a 26% decrease in performance.

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Excellent Execution

Win or lose, you choose!

A good plan gets you into the race, but adherence to your plan propels you into the winner’s circle.

When you consistently sharpen focus, build competence and ignite passion, you plant the seeds of victory.
Initially, you may not see tangible results, but growth is occurring under the surface.

As you stick with it, momentum builds, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of excellent execution that has been shown to yield 30% improved operating profits over 2 years.