Healthy Growth Check-up

This is a self-assessment, so it is only as helpful as you are honest with yourself.

The results will help you identify the best starting point to begin your journey toward healthy employee and business growth.

Section I: Rate each statement for yourself.
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
1. I maintain an open mindset to learn from others and from my own experiences.
2. I proactively seek input to reveal my strengths and weaknesses.
3. I use deliberate strategies to increase my positive thoughts and manage negative thoughts.
4. I very consistently do what I say will do.
5. I demonstrate genuine respect for and interest in other people and perspectives.
6. I use my words to encourage myself and others.
7. I always act in accordance with my personal purpose and values.
8. I anticipate needs and take initiative to meet the needs of others.
9. I consistently seek opportunities to leverage my strengths and minimize my weaknesses.
Section II: Rate each statement for your organization.
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
10. All employees know the purpose of our organization.
11. We have a clear plan for growth that includes metrics and timing.
12. Each employee is clear on his/her role in contributing to our growth.
13. Employees can openly and freely express their opinions and ideas without any negative implications.
14. Employees consistently prioritize the needs of the team over their own needs.
15. Employees have a high degree of trust in their leaders.
16. Our leaders engage the minds of their teams.
17. Our leaders engage the hearts of their teams.
18. Our teams consistently give discretionary effort to achieve team goals.
19. Our leaders see employee coaching as central to their leadership role.
20. Our leaders use a positive approach to coaching their employees.
21. Virtually all our leaders coach for improved results and relationships every day.
22. Our entire organization, from executive level to front line, are focused on the same objectives.
23. We have good systems and manual work processes that enable us to execute with excellence.
24. Our people are so passionate about our business and each other that they use company resources exactly like their own.
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