Healthy Leadership

Healthy leadership is a forcer multiplier for healthy growth since leadership either enhances or inhibits the five growth factors.

Healthy Leadership is grounded in healthy principles and practices.

The three healthy leadership principles (mindset) are:

  • Love: Do what is in the best interest of others.
  • Positivity: Manage negative emotions and increase positive ones.
  • Growth: Seek new insights, knowledge and improvements.

The three healthy leadership practices (skillset) are:

  • Clarify: Crystalize a desired future and motivation to get there.
  • Connect: Build ties between work and human needs.
  • Coach: Unlock the potential in others.

The three healthy leadership principles are like an operating system. In fact, let’s call them PrinciplesOS. This operating system supports the “apps” of healthy leadership—the practices.

As we know from technology, when you have a great operating system, the apps are optimized and work better. Your ability to implement the principles of love, positivity, and growth will either enhance or inhibit the effectiveness of your apps—healthy leadership practices of clarify, connect, and coach.

The alignment between principles and practices is key, particularly with today’s worker who deeply values authenticity and integrity.

In our work with clients for over 23 years, we have witnessed firsthand how these principles and practices enable leaders to inspire growth for all parties in our new, rapidly evolving world of work.

Principles (mindset) and practices (skillset) that distinguished great leaders yesterday are basic requirements today.

Challenges around sustained remote work and employees desire to see the human behind the leader are forcing leaders to elevate their games to be more human, more connected, more engaged, clearer, more positive, and more vulnerable.

Cultivating healthy leadership is a process, not an event.

To get in good physical shape, you must exercise each day, but you don’t exactly know when you’ll see results. You must trust the process.

Let’s start working your leadership muscle and address the three healthy leadership principles and practices to help you and your team thrive. 

Check out these high-impact options to cultivate healthy leadership:

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