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Aligned Culture

Culture design can be a very complex topic, with consultants drawing wall-sized models to explain it. But designing a healthy culture can be boiled down to a powerful, two-word formula: Culture = Behavior


Organizations are comprised of human beings, and humans are predictable and virtually always do what they are reinforced to do.

So, as you create an aligned culture, the key question is, “Which behaviors do I want to see more of to help meet the needs of our stakeholders?”

Rarely is a culture completely misaligned with stakeholder needs, so we must honor the past by preserving what is working and shift to the future by reinforcing selected new behaviors.

We help you by designing (or redesigning) 12 cultural systems to reinforce behaviors that support the needs of your stakeholders.

The 12 cultural systems must be aligned vertically and horizontally with:

  • your stakeholder needs (vertical alignment) and
  • other culture systems so they reinforce each other (horizontal alignment).

So, throw out the complex approaches to designing culture, and keep it simple: Culture = Behavior.