Our Story

It all started at an early age…

From an early age, God instilled within us a passion to understand and encourage people.

Youth sports and school leadership roles triggered Lee’s thirst to learn more about leading groups of people.  Julie’s fascination with psychology started in third grade as she followed her father’s readings and her mother’s teachings. 

We both studied psychology at Florida State University. We met when a mutual friend lobbied Lee to vote for Julie as President of the Psychology honor society. After Julie won, Lee wrote her letters from an imaginary German exchange student named Hermann von Wagner. 

Lee was not too smooth with the ladies, but he was persistent. After a month of correspondence between Julie and “Hermann”, Lee revealed that he was person behind the letters. His unconventional move eventually led to a first date, marriage, three children, and a business partnership.

After college we earned our respective graduate degrees, Lee in Organizational Psychology and Julie in Preventive Medicine, which enhanced our insights and toolkits.

Our passion for people and leadership accelerated as we served in executive leadership roles. This enabled us to apply the science of human behavior in the world of work. These roles also gave us the opportunity to help our team members grow both personally and professionally.

In 1999, we combined our love of people, business, and leadership with our desire to serve. We co-founded a leadership advisory firm, The L Group, which is as much of a personal calling as it is a business. We have a deep passion for our work, compassion for people and a personal commitment to encourage and equip leaders. We believe that leadership changes the world!

Our partnership with clients has produced clarifying models and actionable tools for healthy growth. We look forward to sharing them with you!

Serving you,

Lee J. Colan & Julie Davis-Colan