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Engaged Hearts & Minds

Engaged minds build your employees’ performance and engaged hearts build their passion – they go hand in hand. You ignite Passionate Performance only when three intellectual and three emotional needs are fulfilled, and you connect minds and hearts.

It’s a simple but powerful formula: When my needs are fulfilled, I am engaged, and I perform at my peak ability.

To meet these needs, leaders must first see them and acknowledge them. In order to see them, leaders must view their employees as people and not just workers.

The short video below describes the six employee needs.

This model of employee engagement has been translated into nine languages and applied worldwide.

We all have these basic human needs, and they have remained the same amidst the tornado of external change. Times have changed, and our world has certainly changed, but people have not. In many organizations today, these basic needs still go unfulfilled. It’s up to you as the leader to fulfill them.

Let us help you fully engage your employees and realize the BIG payoff!