Engaging the Hearts and Minds of all your Employees

by Lee J. Colan

“Top 10 Books for Managing in Tough Times”

UPDATED best seller with foreword written by Marshall Goldsmith. Released in paperback as part of McGraw-Hill’s Business Classics series.

This best seller outlines a simple framework that helps leaders convert the concept of employee engagement into ACTION!

Passionate Performance Model

This book has been converted into an award-winning leadership workshop that has been translated into nine languages.  Since the Passionate Performance model is based on 6 human needs, it transcends cultures, generations, and industries.

Filled with best practices, great stories, inspirational quotes and appendices of practical tools.

212 pages (Business Classics paperback edition)




“Ignite Passionate Performance! This breakthrough book absolutely nails what it takes to connect with your customers and provide passionate service. Engaged employees are the fuel that will power your future success.”

David Cottrell
President and CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute
Author of Monday Morning Leadership and Monday Morning Choices

“This practical guide delivers the right message at a critical time… engage your people! It’s a swift read provides fresh, new insights. Colan’s framework enables leaders to see the person behind the employee as the first step to igniting Passionate Performance. It’s the secret sauce to today’s leading organizations.”

Jim Thyen
President and CEO, Kimball International

“Colan is a master communicator. In this book he has woven practical insights and engaging stories for engaging leaders to create immediate impact.”

Vince Poscente
New York Times bestselling author of The Age of Speed

“Colan has an ability to accentuate what leaders are already doing well, while helping them apply new and different techniques for leading more effectively. Passionate Performance emphasizes meeting both intellectual and emotional needs of associates. The Passionate Performance Model helped to successfully prepare our managers to engage their teams as we executed our strategy.”

Sara E. Lee
Director, Human Resources
Pier 1 Imports

“A quick and actionable read! Colan is true to form with clear insights and practical tools for engaging your team. A fully engaged team sets an organization apart in any market – good or bad. This book should be read by every leader who wants to conquer the competition.”

Stephen Mansfield
President and CEO, Methodist Health System

“In Engaging Hearts and Minds, Colan gives us a simple framework and a practical guide. The result is convincing – an advantage that our competitors will find very difficult to replicate. A quick read that can make a big difference.”

Steven Leven
(Retired) Senior Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources Texas Instruments

“Colan not only artfully writes about engaging the hearts and minds of our team, but he also engages the reader’s heart and mind in doing so. He brings to life the complex concept of employee engagement with powerful tools that challenge the mind and compelling illustrations that inspire the heart. You will experience Passionate Performance while you learn about it!”

Chris Widener
Best Selling Author, The Art of Influence

“I bought a copy of your latest book Engaging the Hearts and Minds of all your Employees last Friday, and was so mesmerized by your content and Passionate Performance model that I had to read it in one sitting. Your concepts resonated so strongly with me and provided much insight into the dissatisfaction and disengagement I’ve seen and experienced in the workplace.”

Pauline L. Perreault
Jump Outta Bed (J.O.B.) Workplace Strategies

“You may not know this but I have read most of your books. I have found the two you have written on ’employee engagement’ to be some of the best and useful content on the subject. I have shared copies of Engaging the Hearts and Minds of all your Employees and Passionate Performance to numerous business associates. I have a personal library of over 2000 books and have read 2-3 books a month for years. I’d like to believe I know what I’m talking about when it comes to good business reading.”

Dwight Lamb
Co-Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer