Leadership Models & Tools

Our solutions are based on proprietary, field-tested models designed to achieve healthy employee and business growth.

Our how-to models and practical tools help leaders make quick sense of challenges including: creating a compelling purpose and plan, aligning cultures, engaging employees, executing with excellence, and developing healthy leadership.


These models are highlighted in the following books that have been translated into 10 languages:


  • Lee has written 300+ columns as a national leadership columnist for Inc.com.
  • Lee and Julie have published two weekly blogs, Leadership Insights and Weekend Inspiration, since 1999.


In addition to our 15 books, we have produced:

  • Training tools to support virtually every book.
  • Accountability video and discussion series.
  • Set of 27 inspirational posters, note cards and desktop prints to help leaders reinforce their organization’s values.
  • Perpetual calendar of inspirational quotations.
  • Two motivational mini-movies: The Nature of Excellence and The Speed of Success


  • USA Best Book Award WinnerStick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence
  • John C. Maxwell Leadership Award – Top 100 Finalist
  • Leadership Excellence Award, HR.com – Recognized nationally for midsize service providers
  • Global Leadership Award Nominee, Thinkers50 Awards – Widely regarded as the “Oscars of management thinking.”
  • Best in Leadership Development – Leadership Excellence Magazine
  • Top 10 Books for Managing in Tough Times, CIO InsightEngaging the Hearts and Minds of All Your Employees