The Power of Positive Coaching

by Lee J. Colan and Julie Davis-Colan

“Lee and Julie deliver powerful lessons with simple, concise language. As inspirational as it is practical. A vital tool for leaders at any career stage. An extraordinary book!”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
The Thinkers50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

Most coaching books focus on skills and scripts. But without the right mindset, those skills and scripts will not yield the response and results your want from your team. When you have a positive mindset, you are able to see more opportunities for growth and improvement. Coaching is not just about investing in others—it’s about investing in yourself. When you grow, you can better help others grow.

The Power of Positive Coaching shows you how to elevate your coaching game and drive winning results and relationships. Acclaimed coaches Lee Colan, Ph.D. and Julie Davis-Colan reveal how to build a positive coaching mindset that you can use to apply the five positive coaching habits

With this book as your guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a more positive mindset to leverage on the job and in your personal life
  • Build proven, positive coaching habits by using simple tools and techniques
  • Inspire better results and relationships on your team
  • Explain the circle of consequences to gain alignment
  • Ask purposeful questions to ignite engagement
  • Involve your team to reduce the eight areas of waste to enlist ownership
  • Measure performance with relevant scoreboards to enhance accountability
  • Appreciate the people behind your employees to deepen commitment.

Apply The Power of Positive Coaching, and create a positive ripple effect throughout your team, your business and your life.




“Lee and Julie deliver powerful lessons with simple, concise language. As inspirational as it is practical. A vital tool for leaders at any career stage. An extraordinary book!”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
The Thinkers50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“Lee Colan keeps it simple and impactful! His employee engagement concepts have been deeply embedded into our organization for years. I am excited to apply these practical coaching concepts and tools from The Power of Positive Coaching, and I have no doubt they will benefit our legacy company for years to come.”

Frank Dulcich
President and CEO
Pacific Seafood Group

“Leaders everywhere would derive great rewards from the specific, impactful, and helpful guidance that Lee and Julie deliver on effective coaching. The Power of Positive Coaching provides what all of us need to ensure that we nurture successful mentoring relationships and effectively steward the next generation of leaders in our organizations and communities.”

Charles L. Iacovou
Sisel Distinguished Dean of the School of Business
Wake Forest University

“The Power of Positive Coaching describes the daily challenge of coaching in simple terms and brings it to life with engaging examples. The authors’ encouraging style and practical tools empower leaders to take positive action for their teams . . . and inspire positive results.”

Daniel L. Jones
President and CEO
Encore Wire

“This book has a great effort-to-impact ratio. The Power of Positive Coaching is an easy, engaging read while it cuts through the clutter to deliver impactful tools. It resonates with new and seasoned leaders to help them elevate their coaching game.”

Kevin McManus
Head of Sales, North America Services
SAP America, Inc.

“The authors cracked the coaching code! They simplified the art of coaching into five easily communicated and applied steps. Thank you, Lee, for being an inspiring leader and coach!”

Jerry L. Crawford
Jani-King International, Inc.

“Lee Colan and Julie Davis-Colan provide a timely and relevant book every leader and aspiring leader should read. As the authors so aptly point out, ‘the best way to coach for positive results is to think and act positive.’ A good first step would be to read this book.”

Joel T. Allison
Senior Advisor to the Robbins Institute for Health Policy and Leadership
Baylor University

“The authors know it’s not about complex competencies or innate skills— it’s about the simple and clear things we THINK and DO every day. No scripts or flow charts to remember—just powerful tips and behaviors paired with proven tools to boost team performance.”

Dean Carter
Vice President, Human Resources and Shared Services

“After almost 20 years of being coached by Lee on many of these principles, I am thankful that he has put them in writing. As a coaches’ coach, Lee delivers great and practical insights to help every leader be a better coach. Consistent with their previous books, Lee and Julie write to the point and deliver practical tools that leaders can apply immediately.”

Barry E. Davis
Executive Chairman
EnLink Midstream

“Three cheers to Lee and Julie. They’ve done it again! The Colans are reliably inspirational and practical! When they speak, I listen.”

Denis G. Simon
Senior Executive Vice President
Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

“Lee Colan really, really gets it. He has a unique skill of converting complex leadership concepts into an easy-to-understand, practical approach. He has done it again in The Power of Positive Coaching. His blend of experience and know-how is hard to find. If you want engaged, or better yet, inspired leaders—he is the man!”

Dave Loeser
Chairman and Executive Vice President
New Day Financial

“The Power of Positive Coaching is a handy field guide for every leader. The authors deliver simple but powerful tools that you can put to work with your team right away. It is a quick-read, high-impact resource!”

Terry Looper

“I have enjoyed and applied Lee and Julie Colan’s leadership ideas for years. The Power of Positive Coaching is an instant classic! This book presents simple coaching strategies that feel accessible and actionable. As a result, I feel better equipped to lead my team with the right mindset and the right habits.”

Valerie Freeman
Imprimis Group

“Colan always finds the right balance of inspiring and equipping his readers, audiences, and clients. I have benefited in all three categories. The Power of Positive Coaching is on point again. It compellingly presents timely research and timeless strategies that are relevant and actionable for any leader.”

Dr. Stephen L. Mansfield, FACHE
President and CEO
Methodist Health System

“Ever since I met Lee Colan and read his and Julie’s book, Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence, I have been a fan. Their ability to reduce the complexity of leadership to a simple, concise set of habits and principles sets them apart. Even more importantly, by reading this book, a good leader can become an excellent leader by focusing on their five coaching habits. Any team and company will benefit by implementing the reliability advantage.”

Dennis McCuistion
Television host and Executive Director, The Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance
The University of Texas at Dallas

“Lee and Julie articulate that great leaders choose to meet the needs of their team over any personal discomforts. This choice is made through first knowing yourself and then having clarity in establishing priorities in business and life. I highly recommend this leadership journey for anyone who wants to improve themselves and their team.”

Craig Dunaway
Penn Station East Coast Subs

“Lee has written another insightful coaching book that will be an excellent resource for new or seasoned business leaders. I’ve utilized Lee’s talents and tools over the years. Whether coaching new or experienced leaders, I’ve found Lee’s coaching style and methods to be extremely effective. Well done!”

Chuck Jerasa
Group President
Gibraltar Industries

“The Power of Positive Coaching is EXCELLENT! What a fantastic reminder of the fundamental value of a positive mindset and habits, personally and as a coach to your team. This is clearly the most straightforward and immediately usable treatment of this topic available today.”

Scott C. Florence
Sales Vice President
AdvoCare International

“Positivity is, indeed, the most fundamental element of differentiation. The authors have captured this essential ingredient and incorporated the steps for winning in The Power of Positive Coaching. The book itself has achieved differentiation through actionable advice you can count on!”

Jim Keyes
Former CEO
7-Eleven and Blockbuster

“The Power of Positive Coaching is filled with powerful insights and practical tips. It’s a must-have guide for leaders at all levels. Kudos to Lee and Julie for providing yet another powerful tool for the leader’s toolbox!”

Sharon Goldstein
Campus Operating Officer
Berkeley College Online