7 Moments… That Define Excellent Leaders

by Lee J. Colan

How long does it take to build Leadership Excellence?  Just moments … defining moments, that is.

  • The moment we commit ourselves to a goal.
  • The moment we create a compelling plan to realize our vision.
  • The moment of honest self-reflection that urges us to take action.
  • The moment we reach out and connect with others.
  • The moment we decide to invest in others.
  • The moment we choose to change.
  • The moment we take a stand for what we believe.

The difference between average and excellent can be found in moments … literally. Seize the moment to read and apply, and you will be one step closer to leadership excellence! 7 Moments is a 136-page, rapid-read book filled with inspiring stories and practical wisdom you can apply immediately.



“7 Moments… is concise and compelling. By applying Lee’s practical and inspiring insights, the reader takes a big step toward achieving excellence. The return on investment for this quick-read book is measured by leadership and personal success.”

Roger T. Staubach, Chairman & CEO
The Staubach Company

“Colan cuts through the clutter to provide a clear and simple pathway to leadership excellence. It’s an engaging and quick read. Most importantly, you can immediately apply the strategies and create a defining moment today!”

Scott Topping
Vice President and Treasurer
Southwest Airlines Co.

“Once again, Lee Colan gives us easy to digest, fast to read, leadership wisdom. The format is great, the stories that reinforce the lessons, even better. You must read the story of Butch O’ Hare, you will remember it, every time you change planes in Chicago.”

Steve Leven
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Texas Instruments

“Colan captures the essence of a successful leadership career with actionable insights. He skillfully outlines how defining moments shape our leadership legacy. I loved the emphasis on appreciation because it ALL starts with our employees.”

Jeff Lamb
Vice President, People and Leadership Development
Southwest Airlines

“Colan reminds us that a leader’s development is never really quite complete — it is the ability to translate those defining moments into positive action which defines an excellent leader.”

Joe Bosch
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Tenet Healthcare Corporation