Getting the Best from Yourself and Others

by Lee J. Colan

Your Attitude… Reflects your past, describes your present, and predicts your future.

This book translates the incomprehensible into the actionable to deliver inspiration and application so you can orchestrate your attitude…and your success.

How do you measure success? Is it by financial security, career growth, community involvement, quality of relationships, spiritual centeredness or the legacy you leave? Whichever measure you choose, your attitude is the single most important factor in achieving success.

There are three aspects of the script that work in concert: thoughts, words and actions. By orchestrating each aspect with conscious responses, we positively influence our beliefs, commitments and results.

This script is self-reinforcing, for better or for worse. The results we achieve reinforce our thoughts and the same script is played out again. So, it all starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts today influence our results tomorrow.

Your Attitude…

Reflects your past
Describes your present and
Predicts your future.

This gift book is as practical as it is beautiful. It helps you convert the concept of attitude into specific actions. Learn how to orchestrate your thoughts, your words and your actions to get the BEST from yourself and others.