Orchestrating Attitude

by Lee J. Colan and Julie Davis-Colan

This book translates the incomprehensible into the actionable.

It cuts through the clutter to deliver inspiration and application so you can orchestrate your attitude….. and your success.

The topic of attitude can be conceptual and confusing. In fact, as we go through life we often hear phrases like: “keep your chin up,” “look on the bright side” or “you need a winning attitude.”

Unfortunately, we seldom know how convert these soft sayings into hard results.

The great news is that even in the worst situations your attitude is something you can always control!

This rapid-read book will equip you to get the BEST from yourself and others!



“I read “Orchestrating Attitude” while doing my cardio at the gym yesterday. What a FANTASTIC read! It’s like a game now. I am turning everything into a positive.

This is my new favorite book!”
Alyssa Johnson

“I highly recommend also your beautiful book “Orchestrating Attitude.” It is an ease to read and a rich book which will allow people to change their traditional way of thinking for the better and hopefully for good.”

Norma Garcia

“I have read all of Lee Colan’s books, and Orchestrating Attitude really hits the heart of the issue that CEO’s deal with daily – our choice of how we will respond, and not react, to events in our lives. Colan does a great job of describing how our thoughts, words, and actions create our attitude. After reading this book I ordered 1,000 to share with my employees.”

William F. Borne
Chairman & CEO

“Orchestrating Attitude is full of practical action, helpful suggestions and great quotes. The sentence I like best in the book is “life’s rewards go to those who let their actions rise above their excuses.” Colan provides easy to execute suggestions that can help each of us ensure that we maximize the delta between our positive actions and our excuses. An easy read that can be put to use, right away, without excuse.”

Steve Leven
Retired Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
Texas Instruments

“Choosing to manage your attitude is the quickest way to change the shadow of leadership you cast on your organization and your people. Colan’s simple and eloquent approach reminds us that our attitude is well within our control!”

Joseph A. Bosch
Chief Human Resources Officer

“Colan has once again succinctly combined logic and insight in Orchestrating Attitude. When I read, “meeting others’ needs brings out our true spirit – it reflects our positive human character,” I knew this book was a winner!”

Jeff Lamb
Chief People Officer
Southwest Airlines

“I love it! It inspired me, reminded me and nudged me to action. We have all heard that attitude generates altitude, but Colan has recreated the message in a fresh, actionable way. I had many people in mind (including myself) as I read Orchestrating Attitude. What a great tool!”

Lisa Lapiska
Vice President, Training and Development

“Colan has an uncanny ability to simplify the complex and provide leaders with straightforward concepts to create a competitive advantage. Orchestrating Attitude is an outstanding look at one of the most important choices we make every day that impacts everyone around us… our attitude. A must read for anyone willing to accept responsibility for improving themselves.”

Greg Van Voorhis
Mill Manager
International Paper

“If you aren’t making Colan’s books mandatory reading within your organization, you are missing an opportunity to share practical concepts that will impact the results of your team. Orchestrating Attitude is another outstanding book on why a positive approach makes a difference in your life and the world!”

Stephen York
Chief Adimistrative Officer
Spartan Energy Partners

“I am impressed with how Colan took a difficult but extremely relevant concept and broke it down into understandable and actionable components. I honestly believe this booklet will change lives. I personally plan on sharing it with my wife, daughter and employees.”

Vice President, Learning and Development
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company