Positive Coaching Assessment

This is a self-assessment, so it is only as helpful as you are honest with yourself.

The results will help you inspire winning results and relationships!

Section I: Positive Coaching Mindset.
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
1. I intentionally look for the positive in people and situations.
2. I seek unfiltered truth from my team about my coaching to prevent blind spots.
3. I create mental space for my own reflection and planning.
4. Connect with your team by finding common ground
5. Help your team connect with each other.
6. Invest in others to build future leaders and better lives for them.
7. Convert your values into observable behaviors to bring them to life.
8. Pour a strong foundation of values before you build a house to lead in.
9. Your values are reflected in your daily decisions, so your calendar and your budget are good reflections of your values.
10. Your emotions and reactions are highly contagious, for better or for worse.
11. Journal about what you are feeling to help see your emotions more clearly
12. Demonstrate empathy to help navigate challenging coaching discussions.
Section II: Positive Coaching Habits.
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
13. I proactively communicate our goals, plans, roles and rewards to my team.
14. After meetings and conversations, I ensure all parties agree on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and by whom.
15. I explain why I am asking an employee to perform a task or project.
16. I help ensure my team is always learning by debriefing with them after interactions, meetings, presentations, project milestones, etc.
17. I specifically think of the purpose of my question before I ask it.
18. After I ask a question, I always keep silent to allow the other party to reply.
19. I consciously manage the manner in which I ask questions to ensure the appropriate tone.
20. I give my team the opportunity to review their calendars and priorities before they commit to a deadline.
21. I try to understand my team’s work processes and challenges.
22. I consistently ask for my team’s input on how to improve work processes and reduce waste.
23. When I coach team members, I confirm they can demonstrate the desired behavior.
24. I encourage my team to generate lots of ideas even if they are not all great ideas.
25. Each team member knows exactly how our team metrics connect to his/her job.
26. I measure the few things that make the biggest difference for our team.
27. I measure financial, customer, process and people aspects of my team’s performance.
28. I systematically measure my team’s results and their behavior to achieve results.
29. I look for positive performance to recognize.
30. When I appreciate a team member’s performance I am specific about what he/she did well.
31. I am very intentional about learning something new about each employee.
32. In our daily interactions, I encourage my team.
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