Your mindset reflects your past, describes your present, and predicts your future.

Excellence, like leadership, is built from the inside out. Your organization’s excellence will rarely exceed your team’s excellence, and your team’s excellence will rarely exceed your personal excellence.

Therefore, the most important question a leader should ask is: “What am I currently doing to improve my personal excellence?”

Inspiring coaches work  on themselves before they work on their teams. It starts inside with an understanding of yourself.

A positive coaching mindset is built on a foundation of self- knowledge. Inspiring coaches intentionally, courageously, and consistently deepen four levels of self-awareness to build a positive coaching mindset:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Purpose
  3. Values
  4. Emotions.

Keen awareness at these four levels enables you to be more personally effective, authentic, and credible. Just as importantly, seeking greater self-awareness creates a culture that is conducive to coaching and a team that is more responsive to your coaching.


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