The fourth growth factor in the healthy growth process is positive coaching.

Like world class athletes, people at work reach their full potential when they are positively and frequently coached. Gallup research has reinforced this need for today’s workers who want a coach instead of a boss and ongoing coaching conversations instead of annual reviews.

A central role of a leader is that of a coach. Since most organizations do not have the resources for everyone to have a coach, it is up to the leader to coach his/her team.

This new, transformative coaching model is supported by the latest positive psychology research. For example, strength-focused coaching yields a 36% improvement versus weakness-focused coaching which yields a 26% decrease in performance.

This positive coaching approach leverages insights about predictable human dynamics and performance to generate results, including a more productive team, improved relationships, and sustained performance.

You must get your mind right before you can get your team right. So, positive coaching starts with building a positive mindset. Then, you practice the 5 positive coaching habits.

Inspire winning with a positive mindset. Increasing your awareness of your thoughts, your purpose, your values, and your emotions creates a positive coaching mindset.

Next, apply the 5 positive coaching habits. These habits reflect simple truths based on common human needs, so a leader can inspire winning results and relationships in any setting.

The coaching habits and supporting tools are framed in a concise, memorable way. No scripts needed.

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