Complexity creates a maze between you and success.  Simplicity creates a clear line of sight.

Thinking in 3’s is a technique we have been using for years. It is a powerful way to simplify organizational thinking. As a byproduct, it forces prioritization and focus, and the resulting clarity trickles down the organization.

For example, we routinely ask clients to reduce their strategies from perhaps six or more to just three, or to consolidate their values from 12 to three, or to select the three most important business metrics from their laundry list of 20. We have used this technique countless times to simplify values, metrics, strategies, action plans and message points.

Truth be told, ending up with precisely three items is less important than the clarity this process creates. For instance, when we encouraged a client to identify just three core values instead of its list of 12 (that no one could remember let alone implement), they settled on four values. It wasn’t necessary to eliminate one more to get down to three values. The benefit was realized – clear articulation of their core values that virtually everyone in the organization now remembers and lives by.

Thinking in threes keeps it simple and keeps you closer to success. Get started today… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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