Attitude Tune Up

This Attitude Tune-up measures how well you are orchestrating your attitude to get the results you want. Simply choose your response to each statement below.

The Tune-up takes approximately four minutes.

Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
1. I always take a positive view of any situation I am in.
2. I consistently check myself to ensure I am focusing on the positive aspects of life.
3. I rigorously monitor input from media and other people to ensure it is positive.
4. I use positive words, regardless of how I feel, in conversations with others and with myself.
5. I never use phrases like: “I can’t,” “only if,” “I don’t have time,” “I doubt it” or “it’s impossible.”
6. I expect the best in people and situations when I ask questions.
7. When I have a need, I consistently help others meet their needs first.
8. I look for things for which I am grateful, even during times of adversity.
9. I have close, trusted relationships with people who help me be my best, even if they have to give me constructive feedback.
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