Passionate Performance Profile

Your responses will help you better understand how you can more effectively engage employees' minds and hearts. It should take you only 10 minutes to complete this profile. It contains two brief sections: Intellectual engagement and Emotional engagement.

Predict what the average response from your team would be if they were completing this profile about you as a leader.

Section I: Achievement
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
1. I have no barriers to getting my job done.
2. I have sufficient resources available to meet my goals.
3. My goals are very clearly defined.
4. Decisions are made quickly to help me stay focused on achieving my goals.
5. I know how my progress is being measured.
6. My fellow team members are committed to doing quality work.
Section II: Autonomy
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
7. My team leader involves me in improving work processes.
8. I have significant flexibility to define the best way to get my job done.
9. My team leader defines clear boundaries within which I can use my skills and knowledge to make decisions.
10. I am expected to provide ideas for improvement.
11. I have the authority to implement changes to work processes.
12. My opinion really counts.
Section III: Mastery
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
13. My job requirements match my natural abilities and interests.
14. My skills are put to their "highest and best use" for the organization.
15. I never find myself frustrated performing tasks someone else could do, that can be eliminated or automated.
16. In past year, I have had an opportunity to develop new job skills.
17. My team leader frequently coaches me to help me succeed.
18. I have the opportunity to do what I do best everyday.
Section IV: Purpose
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
19. My team has a clear sense of purpose.
20. I know exactly how my role connects to our team's purpose.
21. I am very proud to be part of my team.
22. I look forward to coming to work each day.
23. I never have to perform a task that does not directly support our team’s purpose.
24. I feel that my job is important.
Section V: Intimacy
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
25. I have someone at work that cares about me as a person.
26. My team is not too large.
27. I have a best friend at work.
28. I feel connected to my customers whether they are internal or external customers.
29. My team has predictable rituals.
30. My team’s celebrations make me feel more connected to my fellow team members.
Section VI: Appreciation
Strongly Disagree12345Strongly Agree
31. My team leader really knows who I am as a person.
32. In the last two weeks, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.
33. It is the norm to hear the words "please" and “thank you” in our team.
34. My team leader acknowledges my contributions to others who are outside of my team.
35. My team leader always finds the time to thank me for my efforts.
36. I feel like a valuable member of our team.
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