Adherence Assessment

This is a self-assessment, so it is only as helpful as you are honest with yourself. The results will help you execute with excellence, and ultimately, WIN.

Section I: Focus
1. I consistently communicate no more than three key strategies to my team.
2. I can quickly access data that shows me the “vital few” — the 20% of the people, products, services or locations that produce 80% of the impact.
3. I keep plans for achieving my team goals very simple.
4. Each team member is clear about his/her single most important task.
5. Each team member’s highest priority is directly aligned with the overall organization’s “one thing”.
6. I ask each team member “What is the most valuable thing you can do right now?”.
7. I use defined criteria to assess if new initiatives or opportunities support our strategy.
8. It is easy to say “No” to initiatives that do not clearly fit my team’s strategy.
9. My team discusses what we can stop doing so we can sharpen our focus on the most important tasks.
10. I implement a clear communication plan to keep our most important goals visible to the team.
11. My team would say that I maintain a predictable and consistent meeting rhythm.
12. My team’s top priorities are visible.
Section II: Competence
13. I use defined, rigorous employee selection process that involves as least three interviewers.
14. I budget at least 3% of my payroll costs for employee training and development.
15. I use a defined coaching approach to ensure team members are successful.
16. My team’s work procedures are well documented.
17. When we collaborate on projects, each team member feels he/she has a clearly defined role.
18. Each team member proactively suggests improvement ideas.
19. I ask questions to understand the details of each team member’s job.
20. We track leading indicators that predict future results (e.g., prospecting calls predict sales results).
21. My team keeps a visible and accurate scoreboard that tracks progress toward our goals.
22. I use very specific, detailed and unambiguous language in my communications.
23. My team would say that I set very clear expectations.
24. My team members clearly understand the consequences of their performance to themselves and to the organization.
Section II: Passion
25. My team members see a clear connection between their daily tasks and the broader purpose of our teams.
26. I communicate with my team even when there is not any news.
27. My team members would say that they completely understand our goals and plans and their roles and rewards.
28. My team members are very respectful toward each other.
29. My team would say that they feel fully appreciated by me.
30. My team would describe me as very encouraging.
31. My team has clearly defined values.
32. We have converted our team values into specific behaviors that demonstrate the values.
33. I use our team values to help make day-to-day decisions.
34. I have intentional designed and reinforced team rituals.
35. My team would say that I am very accessible to them.
36. I feel like I can be exactly who I am in my role and not change a single thing about my style.
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