Researchers who study high achievers now consider passion to be the “missing link.” It is the intangible component that explains why some people and teams are better able to stick to their plans and achieve greater levels of success—success like Pierre Omidyar has achieved.

After earning his degree in computer science, Pierre Omidyar joined a subsidiary of Apple Computer to work as a consumer software engineer. His girlfriend, at the time, was an avid collector of Pez candy dispensers and was having trouble finding other collectors interested in trading their duplicates. In an effort to help her find other Pez collectors around the country, Omidyar placed a notice on his personal web site, inviting other collectors to trade their treasures.

Soon, hundreds of Pez collectors were not only visiting Pierre’s Web site but also posting offers and requests for other items—and paying for the privilege. This gave the young computer whiz something to think about. So, on Labor Day 1995, the 28-year-old Omidyar launched an online experiment that ultimately emerged as eBay.

Today, with net worth now measured in billions of dollars, Omidyar said he plans to give away all but one percent of his wealth within 20 years. All this good placed into the world because of one man’s passion for helping a friend collect Pez!

Here are six tips from 107 Ways to Stick to It that Pierre Omidyar and other highly successful people have used to ignite their passion:

#1 – Give what you want. If you want a passion-filled life, you have to give it. Think of how you respond to others. Are your responses filled with enthusiasm and energy or are they flat and lifeless? The level of your passion will be reflected back to you—it’s your boomerang to the world.

#2 – Value your values. Just as important as what you do is how you do it—in other words, your values. Living and working in alignment with your values reflects your passion as a person…we are what we do. Living your values also engenders the respect and commitment of others.

#3 – Communicate with your “community” about your passion. The word “communication” comes from the Latin root meaning “community.” The highest achievers surround themselves with others who share their passions. Stay connected with your “community” for support, to learn from, to teach others, and to stay motivated to stick to it!

#4 – Listen to Yoda. In the immortal words of the Star Wars Jedi Master, “Do or do not. There is no ‘try.’ If you are nervous that your plan won’t work, you might find yourself saying, “Okay, I’ll try to do it.” You are laying the foundation for being unsuccessful from the beginning, giving yourself a way out. Yoda’s adage is a passionate reminder that life rewards those who let their actions rise above their excuses.

#5 – Start each day in quiet meditation or prayer. Refresh your mind and refocus your heart on what you are passionate about. Concentrate on one new thing you can do that day to deepen your passion.

#6 – Use your passion to inspire others. Be ready to use your passion as an example to encourage those around you to pursue their own passion. A true passion, like love, is limitless…so share it!

Check out 107 Ways to Stick to It for 101 more tips.

In the meantime, remember that happiness comes from following one’s passion. Success comes from work that you are passionate about.