Human communication is imperfect  primarily because we are imperfect. Sometimes it is more imperfect than others.

For example, a few years my wife informed our son that I would be speaking at the Inc. Leadership Forum in San Diego and he would join me on a father-son adventure in San Diego.

My son seemed excited and stunned at the same time. He told my wife that he was surprised that dad would be speaking at such a conference and thought it was pretty cool that I would be with such a creative crowd.

My son’s slight confusion and intrigue triggered greater confusion for my wife since she saw the Inc. audience as a natural fit for our business. So, after a few minutes the imperfection of communication stopped bubbling below the surface and reared its head in plain sight.  My son thought I was going to speak at an Inked magazine conference and couldn’t get his head around how my message would resonate with tattoo enthusiasts.

Talk about a few letters making a big difference!  To be clear, our message would resonate with ANY audience because it is grounded in the simple truths of human dynamics.

This interaction was an important reminder to me to fully understand others’ perspectives while being precise with our own language to perfect our communication … or at least get a bit closer.

The Specifics of Accountability workshop helps leaders use specific language, set specific expectations and perform specific coaching.