Have you ever felt like you were trying to follow conflicting directions to navigate to your goal?

In today’s whirlwind of changes, this image might feel less like a humorous sign and more like a daunting reality. We help top notch leaders remove the guesswork from their journey.

With clear thinking and practical tools, our Executive NavigationSM process helps you achieve:

  • Higher levels of personal and team productivity.
  • Elevated team functioning so you can lead at a higher level.
  • More confident, effective decisions.
  • Reduced internal barriers to growth.

Together we tackle questions to elevate your performance on the three levels of leadership: Personal, Team and Organization (that’s the origin of our company name, The L Group, and the logo with three stacked L’s).

Here is a sampling of questions we help you address:

Personal Leadership:

  • How can I decide what to stop doing so I can focus on what’s most important?
  • How can I consistently communicate and live my personal and organizational values?
  • How can I dedicate more time to longer-range, strategic goals?
  • How can I better balance my work and family commitments?

Team Leadership:

  • How do I create a vision that my team will be passionate about?
  • How do I build a high-performing team?
  • How should I handle my top performer who has a horrible attitude?
  • How do I engage the minds and hearts of my team?
  • How do I help my team be more accountable for results?

Organization Leadership:

  • How do I design a scalable organization structure?
  • How can I consistently keep the entire organization informed of our strategic initiatives?
  • How can I elevate myself from the day-to-day details so I work on the business vs. work in it?
  • How do I keep the same organizational culture as we continue to grow?
  • How do I identify the “one thing” that every team member should be focused on? And how do we measure it?

Contact us to discuss how we can make your journey smoother, faster and more rewarding.