I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon which honored the Top 10% of my daughter’s high school.  Before the event, I ran into one of our favorite teachers of all time, her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Tina Dodson. Her presence was unusual since this was a high school event. As we caught up with each other, she shared that she had been invited as a guest of a senior, Collyn Robison.

Tina began to tell me about Collyn as a third grader. “Collyn was so eager to learn. She always wanted more to learn more and I would give her additional work and research. She would always go above and beyond.” This pattern of going the extra mile caused Mrs. Dodson to give Collyn the nickname of “Top Ten”. Collyn even began to use “Top Ten” as her name on her papers.

Mrs. Dodson and Collyn have not been in close contact for the last 9 years yet she invited Mrs. Dodson to the special luncheon. Why? Words matter! The nickname given many years ago, coupled with a desire to go to the University of Texas which required students to be in the top 10% for automatic admission, imprinted on this young girl. And so it came to be. Collyn graduated in the Top 10% and is going to her dream college.

So if you ever wonder if your words matter, think about “Top 10.”

Are your words encouraging greatness or adding to defeat?

Choose your words carefully. You never know who you are helping to reach the Top!

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