There are just about as many definitions of teamwork as there are teams. The definition I like is “Teamwork is connected independence.”

The Hoover Dam Bypass perfectly illustrates the term “connected independence.” Take a look at this in-progress photo before its completion in 2010. What do you think?

Seemingly completely independent projects on opposite sides of the Hoover Dam only to be ultimately connected in the middle via a high-precision and high-performing team. Amazing!

Creeping closer inch by inch – 900 feet above the mighty Colorado River – the two sides of the bridge slowly took shape during construction.

The finished arches now measure more than 1,000 feet across.

Although members of any team must perform independently, we are connected by a common goal – to win, to complete a project on time, to raise great kids, to improve returns for shareholders, to make the world a better place through our product/service, etc.

The Hoover Dam Bridge project team members had a common goal of making travel and sightseeing more efficient and compelling for the thousands who will cross their new bridge daily.  Their finished product looked like this…

What connects your independent team members?

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Here’s to building your bridge to a brighter future!