The more we lead, the more we work with leaders, and the more we parent our own children, the more we see compelling parallels between leadership and parenting.

Leaders are parents, and parents are leaders. They are in different settings with parallel roles.

Here are 12 secrets your employees (kids) want their leaders (parents) to know:

  1. Keep Things in Perspective
  2. Accept Us
  3. Be Real
  4. Talk with Us
  5. Create Connections
  6. Be Consistent
  7. Expect the Best
  8. Encourage Us
  9. Spread Gratitude
  10. Take Care of Yourself
  11. Be Present
  12. Live What You Teach

Listen to your employees (kids) and apply these insights to build a stronger team (family).

Please Listen Up, Parents is written by kids for parents and leaders. It has dual application to the work front and the home front.

Elevate your parenting and your leadership by applying this simple wisdom from the mouths of babes (the just happen to be our three babes).  This this rapid-read book is designed for today’s busy parent / leader.


Foreword by Tom Ziglar.

See sample pages and fun videos by the child authors.