When it comes to Conflict Resolution…

It’s not about the -; it’s about the +.

It’s not about your win; it’s about the win.

It’s not just about the words;
it’s about the sincerity behind the words.

In long-distance conflict, it’s not about e-mail;
it’s about being real!

With high emotion, it’s not about the socks (or the tooth paste);
it’s about something bigger.

When unprepared, it’s not about jumping in;
it’s about stepping back.

With potential violence, it’s not about
resolution; it’s about safety.

In preventing conflict, it’s not about what people say;
it’s about what they want to say.

Bottom line…

It’s not about letting conflict manage you;
it’s about you managing conflict.

Remember, if necessity is the mother of invention, then conflict is the father of positive change. So create positive change in your relationships by reading the rapid-read book, The Manager’s Conflict Resolution Handbook. It is written by Ilayne Geller, Ph.D. and David Cottrell and is filled with practical tips to help you constructively resolve conflict… at work and at home.

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