Gladys Ingles was a member of a barnstorming (not brainstorming!) troupe called the 13 Black Cats in the 1920’s. Ingles was a wing walker. In this film, she shows her fearlessness in a classic barnstorming fashion to save an airplane that has lost one of its main wheels. With a replacement wheel being strapped to her back, off she goes (“Up She Goes,” a duet from the era, provides the soundtrack).

Watch Ingles transfers herself from the rescue plane to the one missing its main gear tire. She then expertly works herself down to the undercarriage only a few feet from a spinning prop and replaces the missing wheel.

Hmm, this makes taking that little risk I have been contemplating look pretty wimpy! Although Gladys’ actions looked risky, she had a plan to mitigate risk – to maximize her safety while also saving her fellow flyer.

Risk is not meant to be avoided, just managed. So, make your assessment of the actions you need to take (or change) this year along with the potential upside and downside, then step out and make a difference!