In Healthy Leadershipthe chapter on Positivity addresses talking yourself up. That section starts with:

“You talk more to yourself than to anyone else in the world. You are the only one who is with you 100 percent of the time. The conversations you have with yourself have an overwhelmingly high impact on your mindset compared to conversations with others. If you are not your biggest cheerleader, you might just be your biggest enemy.”

After I re-read this section, it inspired me to write this poem…

My Very Best Friend

Long walks. Long talks.
Bike rides. The ride of a lifetime.
Workouts. Working out issues.
Getting outside of myself.  Starting from the inside out.
Encouraging words. Uplifting acts.
Seeing the best in me. Giving grace.
Enjoying a sunset. Celebrating small wins.
Striving for more. Being content.
Testing assumptions. Clarifying perspectives.
Learning. Teaching. Learning. Teaching.
Spending all my time with you. 
Knowing you’ll get me through.
Blessings more than the eye can see.
My very best friend is me.

Healthy Leadership Book