Would you like to know a guaranteed recipe for you and your team to be in the top one-tenth of one percent of all performers? Can you afford not to?

Throughout our lifetimes, we grasp at the latest fads and the newest techniques, all with the hope of capturing the magic we see in others who are highly successful.  We emulate strong role models, we study, we strive – all to find the real recipe for success. 

Ultimately, this secret is not necessarily a matter of talent, intelligence, creativity or strategy.  The absolute highest-achieving people continually mix three ingredients into their secret sauce.  They:

  • Sharpen their Focus,
  • Build their Competence and
  • Ignite their Passion.

Although these three ingredients form a timeless recipe for success, real success is found in how each of us mixes these ingredients with our unique experiences to create our own secret sauce.

For example, Hannah Teeter, 2006 Olympic gold medalist in the half-pipe snowboarding event, was always trying to keep up with her four older brothers. She learned whatever they were willing to teach her about snowboarding, and they urged her to “push higher” and “go big.”

After standing atop the highest step on the medalists’ podium in Torino, Italy, Hanna was interviewed by a television commentator. He asked Hannah, “To what do you attribute your gold medal performance at the young age of 19?”

“My ‘secret sauce,’” she said, “is my brothers, having great parents and being able to stay positive about anything and everything that’s come my way. Keeping a positive outlook is definitely key to success on a snowboard or in any competition.”

That’s Hannah’s secret sauce.

You can find your secret sauce at the intersection of your answers to these two questions:

1.  What am I absolutely passionate about?

2.  What tasks am I naturally gifted at?

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