At work we often talk about team building.  Those intentional activities that bond together workmates as they engage in a shared experience.  This might include staff working together on a common goal or competing against each other for bragging rights. When done well, team building knits together the social fabric of a team to make it stronger and more durable.

If we are intentional about connections at work, what about our connections at home with our families?

Your family is likely the team that will be together the longest. This team will face a multitude of life’s significant challenges and celebrations together.  Given the longevity and the immensely personal nature of the family, the benefits of family team building are huge.

Start by stepping back and viewing your family as a team. Is everyone aware of one another’s strengths and passions?  Are communications direct and open?

Next, consider:

  • initiating a shared project on which you can all work together.
  • orchestrating a family experience or vacation (e.g., sport, hike, scavenger hunt, game night, preparing a themed dinner)
  • setting fitness goals or a competition.
  • using table topic questions to engage each person at your next family meal.
  • volunteering together to help those who are less fortunate.

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