Getting the best from yourself and others all starts with…

One Thought

One Word

One Action.

Contrary to the lyrics from a classic Three Dog Night song, one is not the loneliest number.  It’s the most important one!

Your thoughts, words and actions are like individual notes that work in concert to create the power of one person – YOU – to make a difference.  You can harness your power of one if you simply:

  • catch one negative thought and turn it into a positive one,
  • think of one thing for which you are grateful at the beginning of each day,
  • say one “Fantastic!” when a friend asks how you are doing,
  • assume the best in one upcoming situation,
  • keep on moving when you experience adversity,
  • help a friend or colleague during a time when you need help.

A single act does make a difference… it creates a ripple effect that can be felt many miles and people away.

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