In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, good results aren’t good enough. To win, you need to produce extraordinary results. Extraordinary results come from extraordinarily performing teams. And where there is an extraordinary team, you can bet there is an inspiring leader. That’s why leadership – specifically, your leadership – matters.

Leadership matters because extraordinarily performing teams are the ultimate advantage for any organization – a business, a non-profit, a sports team, or a family for that matter. New or unique products or services might get you into the game, but only your team can deliver victory and create a “wall” that is higher and harder for your competitors to climb.

Leadership matters … right now, today … no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you lead a team of one or a team of 100, leadership matters. If you lead at home, at the office, or in one city or across the globe, leadership matters. It matters when you are on the front lines of an organization and as you work your way up to the very top. It matters in an up economy or a down economy, in a start-up or a mature business, in local business or a global enterprise, and in person or virtually.

Inspiring leadership is the single biggest factor in achieving extraordinary results. It might be hard to believe that one factor can have such a profound impact on performance, but our daily experiences, as well as plenty of research, prove it repeatedly.

A study of 30,000 leaders found that the top 10 percent of leaders generated twice the net income as the middle 80 percent. The study also identified one critical competency that distinguished the top 10th percentile of leaders from the rest: the ability to inspire and motivate others to high performance.

These findings demonstrate that inspiring leadership is directly linked with both employee engagement and productivity. The researchers stated, “… in addition to the responsibilities outlined in their job descriptions, [leaders] need to inspire and motivate people if the company is to succeed.”

Leadership Matters contains 31 topics presented in a rapid-read, daily format designed for today’s information-rich, time-poor world. For easy reference, topics are organized in alphabetical order. At the end of each daily topic, you will find brief questions to help you bridge the gap between insight and application.

Leadership Matters was written to inspire you to elevate your leadership so that you, in turn, can inspire your team.

So, get started today. Your team is depending on you!