Your leadership all starts with your integrity.  In fact, it starts and ends with your integrity.

If you do not have integrity, no one will follow you. And if no one follows you, you are not leading.

I’m reminded of this every day when I read this poem on my son’s closet wall.  It is written by Frank Outlaw:

Watch your thoughts;

They become your words.

Watch your words;

They become your actions.

Watch your actions;

They become your habits.

Watch your habits;

They become your character.

Watch your character;

It becomes your destiny.

So, to ensure your leadership destiny is one of integrity, watch your thoughts, your words and your actions every day.


The Specifics of Accountability is a just-add-water video and team discussion series to help leaders boost their team’s accountability.  We have worked with clients over the past five years to boil this critical concept into its simplest form.

Each of three modules contains a short video, actionable tools and team discussion for:

  1. Specific Expectations
  2. Specific Coaching
  3. Specific Language

These short, 15-minute modules are designed to be integrated into existing team meetings for maximum efficiency and impact.

Boost your team’s accountability today!