Comfort certainly has its advantages – our comfy chair in the living room, a comfortable routine at work, a comfortable relationship. With all the advantages of comfort, here are some things you should know about the comfort zone.

The comfort zone is where most of life is played. It is certainly where most of sports is played. Consider a football field: 90 percent of the game is played between the 20-yard lines. That’s why they call anything outside that area the “red zone” – it’s where the difference in the game is made.

It’s pretty safe in the comfort zone. We know the boundaries, the landscape, and the other comfortable players. There is little or no risk; a misstep here or there is not very costly. But like the football team that’s trapped between the 20-yard lines, we cannot win in the comfort zone.

If we make our comfort zone as big as our life, we not only lose our edge, we can even lose sight of the edge. We must ignite our own sense of adventure to explore the edge and see what the world has to offer us … and what we have to offer the world.

Learning and growth occur when we are uncomfortable. Think of the defining moments of learning and growth in your life. Were you hanging out in your comfort zone? No, you were hanging out near the edge.

It takes more energy to resist change than it does to embrace it.  So just jump in!


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