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“Your purpose is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”   – Frederick Buechner 

There is only one of you. No one is exactly like you and no one was created for the purpose you are to fulfill each day on Earth. Your purpose may or may not be what you do for a living, but it is something that you should live for.  

Discovering your purpose is a journey. It may not be an obvious or direct one. So, to assist you in your discovery, first take inventory of: 

Your Skills and Strengths

What are your unique skills and strengths? What do people tell you that you are great at doing? When does your work feel like play? 

The answers to these questions begin to provide insight into your natural gifts – your unique skills and strengths. There are formal assessments that can help you as well. 

Your Passion  

What sets you on fire…. in a good way? What are your interests?

Are these fleeting interests or are they compelling causes that have been in your heart for some time? 

The Intersection

The intersection of your gifts and passion puts you in the cross hairs of your purpose. 

Finding your purpose is a journey, not a destination. Look for ways each day to use and strengthen your natural gifts. Use them for good – to serve and help others. 

Be where your feet are. Be present. Show up. Contribute. Grow into your purpose one day at a time.  

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