John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach and 10-time national champion, said, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

Inspiring coaches are crystal clear on their purpose to invest in future leaders. This might look like:

1.      Letting team members shadow you at a meeting, even if others might not think they are quite ready for it.

2.      Sharing lessons learned and wisdom from your mentors, to help team members avoid mistakes you made and to enable them to succeed faster than you did.

3.      Reinforcing team members for good use of their natural gifts and creating opportunities for them to continue to use and hone those gifts.

4.      Having tough discussions to help reveal blind spots, so team members maintain good credibility with others.

5.      Connecting team members with internal or external people with different perspectives and expertise, to help broaden their understanding of your business and the industry.

6.      Discerningly delegating new tasks, to gradually stretch team members’ skills and experiences. For example, when you return from a vacation or time away from the office, keep the expanded responsibilities you delegated in your absence as the new norm for the team member.

When we do good, we feel good. One of the most joyful moments for an inspiring coach is to pass the baton to someone you have invested in, and then see your purpose reflected in the new leader.

We were meant to give away our lives. Focus on living your legacy instead of worrying about leaving your legacy. If you do, your leadership and your coaching will have true purpose.


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