I had my first skydiving experience last week. Yep, that’s me in the photo free falling at 14,000 feet.

I don’t like heights at all, and would not be disappointed if I never rode another tall roller coaster again.  So, it was an adventure in overcoming my fears.

The keys for me were feeling comfortable with the process and confident in the people. My instructor, Ernie, had 19,500 jumps under his belt, so check off the latter concern. The training was concise and thorough, so we were almost there.  One thing I noticed was the diligence with which the team was packing the parachutes back in the corner.  Not the most glamorous task and not high-profile like the instructor I was ever-so-tightly strapped to, but definitely the most important, life-saving task.

I enjoyed talking with my instructor and the videographer, but never really thought to walk by to chat with the guy who was packing the parachutes.  From afar, he looked really focused which I really appreciated.  That said, he was somewhat invisible to all the jumpers like me. This made me think of all the people in my life that I might take for granted or even overlook occasionally, yet they are performing life-enhancing and life-saving tasks for me every day – a powerful reminder.

So, I ask you two questions:

  1. Who packing your parachute?
  2. Do they know you appreciate them for doing so?

Turn your thoughts of appreciattion into words and acts of appreciation today!

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