Unfortunately, this has been a banner season for hurricane trackers. A hurricane’s outer bands can extend a few hundred miles from the center. Hurricane Andrew’s (1992) rainbands reached 100 miles out from the eye, while those in Hurricane Gilbert (1988) stretched over 500 miles.

The hurricane’s eye is a relatively calm, clear area usually 20 – 40 miles across. People in the midst of a hurricane are often amazed at how the incredibly fierce winds and rain can suddenly stop and the sky clear when the eye comes over them.

For today’s leader, the outer bands swirl with remote work teams, new technologies, multi-generational workers, globalization, heightened competition and talent wars.  All of these blur a leader’s vision and ability to see the simple truths that are both timely and timeless in leading a team.

The goal of our Executive NavigationSM process is to guide leaders from getting spun around with their teams in the outer winds to the eye of the storm where they can lead with clarity and confidence.

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