Every Laugh Matters

Laughter really is the best medicine at work and at home.  It’s the cheapest and fastest way to take a mental vacation.

Our daughter, Lexi, is the source of much laughter in our home.  She enjoys combining word play with her sense of humor.  Here is the result in the form of one-liners she came up with.

We hope one of these gives you a laugh to start your weekend.

What did the microwave say to the grouchy leftovers?

I think you are warming up to me.

Why do volleyball players put on good parties? 

They are good at setting up.

What did the past say when he got in a room with the future?

It’s getting tense in here.

What do you call a sad boy that is home alone?

Melancholy Culkin.

What did Zeus say when Hermes took his microphone at comedy night?

Don’t steal my thunder.

Lexi has a serious side too.  Here is a rapid-read book she co-authored with her two older siblings titled, Please Listen Up, Parents:  12 Secrets YOUR Kids Want YOU to Know.