We invite you to an engaging and practical TeleClass series based on our new book, The Power of Positive Coaching.  
We will personally facilitate these TeleClasses to help you elevate your coaching game and create a coaching culture. 

Series of three, 45-minute TeleClasses:

  • Class #1 – Power of Positive 
  • Class #2 – Building a Positive Coaching Mindset 
  • Class #3 – Building Positive Coaching Habits 


  • Elevate your leaders’ coaching game.
  • Ignite a coaching culture in your organization.
  • Flexible class size (contact us for favorable team pricing).
  • Co-facilitated by the co-authors of The Power of Positive Coaching.
  • Great for remote teams to align on mindset, habits, tools and language.
  • Professionally designed participant guide keeps participants engaged and reinforces learnings afterwards.
  • Submit questions before or during the TeleClass to enrich learning.
  • TeleClasses are recorded and available to all registrants anytime. 

TeleClasses are recorded and available to all registrants even if you cannot make the live classes.

The next live participation will be on June 4, 11 and 18 at 1:30 pm CT.


*** Contact us for favorable team pricing. ***


Ignite a coaching culture and elevate your leaders’ coaching game with our NEW TeleClass series.

Learn more and reserve your place HERE.