positive coaching mindset
Mike Barnes is a unicorn amongst CEOs.  He is a value creator extraordinaire, brand genius, merchandising wizard and gifted people developer.
Very few CEOs have ever created winning results and relationships in three, significant public companies. Mike Barnes is one of them.
He built the Fossil watch and lifestyle brand from the ground up, literally, from $0 to $2B+ in sales.  Mike moved on to grow Signet Jewelers, the $6B retail jeweler, by acquiring its biggest competitor to bolster their unparalleled brand portfolio. Most recently, Mike revitalized Francesca’s chain of 700 women’s boutiques.
I have had the good fortune of serving Mike and his teams at each of these companies.
During this discussion with Mike he shares insights about dealing with a challenging situation by applying a positive mindset like the one we describe in The Power of Positive Coaching.

Stay tuned for more short clips and insights from Mike Barnes.

In the meantime, you can elevate your coaching game with The Power of Positive Coaching.