We have been blessed with the opportunity to serve hundreds of CEOs since we started our leadership advisory business.

Our clients lead Fortune 1000 enterprises, mid-market companies, and smaller, growth businesses.

We continue to grow with them and learn from them. So, in this new series, we will share the best leadership advice that one of our CEO clients has received.

Today we will feature Cliff Edwards, CEO, Thomas Edwards Group.

I’ve gotten a lot of good advice over the years.

Some I remember centers around accountability and fit. I once had a coach tell me that if you need a team member to change some behavior, then you must be clear with the expectations. If the current behavior continues, and you don’t address it and make the person accountable, it becomes the manager’s fault. Also, getting that person back on track becomes very hard as time passes, and the chance of them leaving goes way up.

Another one is: “You really don’t want somebody here that doesn’t want to be here.” This implies a lot, and at the end of the day, it was eye-opening and made a lot of sense.