We have been blessed with the opportunity to serve hundreds of CEOs since we started our leadership advisory business.

Our clients lead Fortune 1000 enterprises, mid-market companies, and smaller, growth businesses.

We continue to grow with them and learn from them. So, in this new series, we will share the best leadership advice that one of our CEO clients has received.

Today we will feature Donna Isgett, RN, MSN, MBA, President & CEO, McLeod Health.

The best leadership advice I ever received was from my mentor and predecessor, Rob Colones. Rob is the epitome of a servant leader! The advice was two-fold—always be humble and always thirst to learn. 

Rob taught me when you make the work about something bigger than yourself it results in significantly better outcomes, gives meaningful purpose for all, and allows progression towards the organizational goals to unprecedented heights. 

I have simplified this into one of my own favorite coaching slogans, “Get Over Yourself – What we are trying to do is bigger than you!” The related advice that Rob gave was to be a continuous learner, which acknowledges that no one on earth is all-knowing—hence humility. 

This instilled thirst for continuous improvement drives a culture to be better every day in all we do. I operationalize this by carrying on his tradition of reading and learning across our entire organization. This, honestly, is what brought me to you, Julie, and your Healthy Leadership book—my thirst to help us all get better!