Team execution is easy to talk about and much more challenging to, well, execute. So, here are 10 quotes from Stick with It to help make this leadership concept more concrete.

  1. The most important thing in business (and life) is to decide what is most important.
  2. Saying “Yes” to one thing always means saying “No” to something else. 
  3. Your time, energy, and money are precious resources – spend them in one area they are no longer available to spend in another area.
  4. The predictable 80/20 principle means that the most profitable 1/5 of your business is 16 times more profitable than the remaining 4/5.
  5. Those who underestimate the intelligence of others tend to overestimate their own.
  6. If you do not take care of the little things over the long term, you won’t take care of the big things.
  7. The biggest challenge in business is not the lack of well-founded principles, but the lack of disciplined application of those principles.
  8. A blurred company vision yields diffused employee efforts.
  9. Complexity creates a maze between you and success. Simplicity creates a clear line of sight.
  10. Appreciating your team is not a matter of time and intention. It’s a matter of priority and action.