With each column I write, I carefully consider the point I want to make. I draft the column, reflect on it, tweak it, and review it before I submit it to my editor, who does some of the same.

Unfortunately, that type of careful thought and reflection doesn’t always happen in the business environment. Today’s technology and social-media platforms enable us to express top-of-mind, unfiltered thoughts to the world – often to disastrous results. Remember, just because we can say something doesn’t mean we should.

My sister shared a poster with me that appears throughout the high school where she teaches. While it is good advice for students, I think it is equally good advice for leaders. It reads:

Before you speak, THINK

T – is it True?
H – is it Helpful?
I – is it Inspiring?
N – is it Necessary?
K – is it Kind?

Using this guideline does not preclude you from having tough conversations with your team. Even constructive feedback, if delivered correctly, meets these criteria.

So, regardless of what or how you feel, T.H.I.N.K before you speak.

Image: iStockPhoto.com
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