I had lunch this week with three inspiring men pictured here:  Norman Merzger (90), Jim Atkins (81) and Larry Foster (82).  Clearly, I am the only one in the photo who looks his age!

These men are fully engaged in life mainly because they have a clear purpose that is outside of themselves. Their lives revolve around serving others. 

Larry connects people who can help one another better than anyone I know, and he consistently  brings a gift when we have lunch which reflects his generous spirit. Jim works tirelessly to further Alzheimer’s research, support, and education. Norman volunteers with Meals on Wheels several days a week and has done so for decades. 

These gentlemen are making the world a better place by serving others with a deep sense of purpose.  

More importantly, they make the world a better place one interaction at a time. You can feel the genuine interest behind their questions, the desire to teach behind their insights, and the desire to uplift behind their encouragement. They are inspirations!

May we each be this purpose-driven and serving today and always.