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There is no better example of “getting better with age” than the first lady of real estate, Ebby Halliday. Although she has the sharp mind and quick step of a 29 year old, she turns 99 on March 9, 2010. “Happy Birthday, Ebby!”

It was a pleasure to interview Ebby, BUT I thought you would enjoy a more spontaneous interview she so graciously granted my daughter, Lexi. While she was waiting for me to finish my interview with Ebby, Lexi jotted a few questions on an index card (more interesting ones than I asked!) and took my seat next to Ebby after we had finished taping. It’s not every day you see a 9 year old interview a 99 year old legend.

So, enjoy learning about Ebby’s childhood dream of being a circus performer, love of basketball, future goals and her heart for children.

Ebby’s long life of success and service offers rich lessons for each of us. She has been selling homes (after selling hats!) for over 60 years. Today, Ebby Halliday Realtors and its team of over 1,700 sales associates and staff is ranked #1 in Texas and #10 in the nation.

My absolute favorite part of Ebby’s new book is her open letter to her family. She outlines simple truths to live and succeed by, some of which we will share in future video segments.

Like Ebby, I hope today you are better than ever!

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