Do you want to see the wonders of the sea?

Do not miss the incredible (and real!) octopus disappearing act starting at 4 mins., 15 secs. into this TED Talk.

Of course, the images throughout this talk are incredible.

This is like an underwater Yellow Car phenomenon.

Something of wonder can disappear into our surroundings because we are not looking for it.  For example:

  • Do you ever look at a friend but not really see him?
  • Do you ever listen to a team member but not hear her?
  • Did you ever wish you had something then later learn it was right in front of you?

The key is to look past someone’s role (employee, boss, spouse, vendor, customer) to see the person.  Taking this view will likely reveal lots of hidden wonders—skills, wisdom, ideas, perspectives—that we might otherwise overlook.

Like the octopus at the bottom of the sea, sometimes we must slow things down to see what is right in front of us…we might be surprised.


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