Check out this two-year-old boy dancing to Elvis, then read below for how it applies to leadership at home and at work.

Do you think he just made all that up? Of course not. He watched his parents practice dancing. His ability to emulate what he saw is a clear illustration of the power of role models.

We must first master self-leadership before we can expect to effectively lead others. It is abundantly evident in the family setting – children mimic their parents’ values, behaviors and habits. It has been, and always will be, that way. We seem to think that this deeply rooted human behavior of modeling those who lead us is less powerful in the work setting. Wrong!

Even at work, we must lead from the inside out – making personal changes and improvements before we can credibly ask our team to do so. Excellent leaders start with themselves, and they don’t have to assert their leadership because others naturally want to follow them.

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